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Contestgram participants, claim your Instateez tee!


Congratulations to the winner of last week’s photo contest ‘Love is in the air’ from Contestgram.

As you know, the winner of the Contestgram contest receives 2 shoutouts and is featured in the ‘Winners’ and ‘Hall of Fame’ sections of the Contestgram app. Plus, he/she will receive a free custom tee made with Instateez and free photo albums made with InstaGraphic.

For all the Contestgram participants, you can now start claiming your 20% off coupon on any t-shirt you want to create with Instateez. This is easy as 1-2-3:

1. Log in on this page with your Instagram account. The 20% discount will automatically be allocated to you.

2. Choose the Instagram photo you want to put on your t-shirt and click ‘Make tee’.  

3. Select the size, the color of your t-shirt and other cool settings and click Buy Now.

We print your custom-made tee, with love, and deliver it to you, anywhere in the world.

For those of you who missed out on this, the fun continues : download the Contestgram app and join this week’s contest for a chance to increase your popularity on Instagram and win amazing prizes, sponsored by InstaGraphic and Instateez.

Win Instateez custom t-shirts with Contestgram


We are proud to become sponsors of Contestgram, the Instagram photo contest app that rewards the most popular photos shared on Instagram in its’ weekly and daily theme contests. It’s a fun way to become an Instagram superstar and win amazing prizes, including free custom t-shirts made with Instateez, the easy fun way to make custom tees from your Instagram photo in an instant.  

The winner is voted by the Instagram community from the 5 runners-up chosen by the Contestgram team at the end of the contest week. The winner will receive 2 shoutouts and be featured in the ‘Winners’ and ‘Hall of Fame’ sections of the Contestgram app. Plus, he/she will receive a free custom tee made with Instateez and free photo albums made with InstaGraphic. Read more about the contest rules on Contestgram.   

But the fun doesn’t stop here. Starting this week, Contestgram and Instateez are rewarding all participants in the Instagram photo contest! Runners-up receive a beautiful custom tee from Instateez with 50% discount, while the rest of the participants get a 20% discount on any t-shirt they create with Instateez.

This week’s contest on Contestgram is ‘Love is in the Air’. Submit your most inspired photos by using the hashtags #constestgram and #ctsgr22 by Friday, 15th of February. Then vote your favorite photo in the Contestgram app or directly on their Instagram page.  

Enter the contest now and spread some love!

Clickteez build first white label T-Shirt web app for ‘The Moalition’ to promote their cause for Movember!

We have just teamed up with our good friends at ‘The Moalition' to promote their campaign to convince David Cameron & Nick Clegg to show their political unity by growing matching moustaches this Movember!

During November each year, Movember UK is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

To help raise money for this worthy cause, the guys at The Moalition have teamed up with Clickteez and launched a limited edition range of Moalition T-Shirts.

Clickteez have created a ‘White label’ desktop and mobile T-Shirt app to enable The Moalition to sell their fab designs under their own brand.

At just £6.50 each (inc. post & packaging) we think they’re a bargain. Not only that, but £1 from every shirt goes straight to Movember

Check it out at and buy one of their T-Shirts now! It’s all for a good cause too - Get your ‘Mo’ on ;-)

Clickteez develop a cool way to try Apple Passbook without needing to buy an airfare!

Our recently launched Clickteez is a platform that lets you make one-off custom printed T-Shirts with any design or photo in a few clicks, via our API driven Clickteez, Faceteez, and Instateez.

Faceteez is a Facebook App that links into all your Facebook albums and photos, Instateez lets you access all the photos in your Instagram feed, which both allow you to make a custom T-Shirt from your photos in a few clicks.

We got tired of seeing the Passbook app on our new iPhones lying empty and forlorn, so rather than booking a few flights for no good reason, we’ve made Clickteez, Instateez and Faceteez some Passbook order status passes so you can keep track of your T-Shirt order!

We’ve also made some Passbook coupons so you can try out our new system for free: If you’ve got an iPhone running iOS 6, just click on one of these links on your email or in Safari on your iPhone and you’ll get a coupon to add to your Passbook: Faceteez - or Instateez - or Clickteez (You can also send a Passbook coupon to your phone from your Mac if you are running the latest version of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 by clicking on the links too)

Once you’ve ordered your T-Shirt for free — just pay shipping — you’ll get a Passbook card in your email to keep track of the order progress at every step of the way!

Faceteez - your Facebook photos on a tee

Making a custom tee has never been easier with Clickteez! And starting this autumn, anyone can use their favourite Facebook photos to create custom printed t-shirts for themselves or for their loved ones. 

The Clickteez family of websites now includes Faceteez, a Facebook and web application that helps you make fun, beautiful custom tees from your Facebook photos in just a matter of seconds. 

As with all the other apps powered by Clickteez, Faceteez allows you to create your own custom t-shirt in 3 easy steps: 

1. Log in to the Faceteez web app with your Facebook credentials or access it directly on Facebook

2. All your Facebook photo albums will be retrieved and displayed in your Faceteez account. Select the photo, the mobile upload or the design you would like to customize your tee with and then simply click on ‘Make tee’

3. Further personalize your t-shirt by selecting the type, colour and the size you want, and by choosing the print size and position that you would like your image to appear. Your custom tee is now ready to be printed, at a click of a button! 

To celebrate the launch of our new app, we have prepared a special ‘welcome’ coupon for all our fans on Facebook : get a first white custom tee for FREE, just pay shipping! All you have to do is Like us on Facebook and then select the auto-generated coupon in the Faceteez app when creating your custom tee design. We then deliver your custom tee as quickly as possible at a flat rate of £4/€5/$6.4 anywhere in the world! 

Not wanting to use the coupon right now? No worries, you can always create a colored custom tee and come back to use the ‘Free white tee’ coupon at a later date. Our friendly Faceteez app will remember you and will save your coupon for later. 

We hope you enjoy using Faceteez and especially wearing your own Faceteez custom t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to share it with the world, we would love to receive a picture of your new Faceteez custom tee on our Facebook page (preferably with you wearing it ;-)


Thank you, @instateez, for putting my #ig photo on this awesome tee! #instateez #instateezshirt (Taken with instagram)

That is a wicked design - glad you like it - Team Instateez


Thank you, @instateez, for putting my #ig photo on this awesome tee! #instateez #instateezshirt (Taken with instagram)

That is a wicked design - glad you like it - Team Instateez

Custom Tees made easy. Really easy.

Clickteez launches web app that lets you make custom tees in an instant!

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to make a Clickteez T-Shirt:
Step 1 - Upload an image.
Step 2 - Choose T-Shirt Type, Size and Colour….
Step 3 - We make your tee, with love ;-)

Our Mission…

We are in an age where we have mobile phones with good cameras built-in all connected to the Internet, and we want to do some cool stuff with our images.

The goal for us was to be able to upload an image from any device and make a T-Shirt, as simply and quickly as possible - without jumping through ‘hoops of fire’ to do so! Amongst others, there are the big 3 - CafePress, Spreadshirt, and Zazzle, we lovingly call their offering ‘bloatware’ - They do great things, but to make a tee with them you have to fight through every other product you can customise on their sites. Plus you needs to learn how to use their over-complicated t-shirt designer tools (invariably in flash), and all you want to do is put an image on a shirt!So we sat down one day and had a major rethink about the business of making a custom T-Shirt. We have looked at every part of the process, from getting that image on to a tee through to wearing it, and see how we could do things differently and make it as simple, quick, and enjoyable an experience as we could. With Clickteez you don’t even have to register with us to make a shirt, and you can upload an image from a Mac or PC, and nearly every mobile device on the planet! Once you have your design on a shirt you can buy it and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, or email.We have installed the very latest in printing technology that prints the best quality images, on any colour tee from White to Black. All our prints are made to wash well, and to last the lifetime of the garment. Soon you will be able to login with your Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, or Flickr accounts, and upload an image to Clickteez from those services too! Plus, for the real tech heads we are releasing the Clickteez API, so you can seamlessly integrate your apps and websites with our great set of tools - The sky’s the limit on what you can do with it ;-)

Head on over to http://clickteez.meand be one of the first to start putting your favourite images on a T-Shirt at the click of a button ;-)
Enjoy! Ben, Rus, & Tom
The Clickteez Daddies
Clickteez: Custom Tees made easy. Really easy. Starting at just £15.
Click here to make your own one-off T-Shirt »>

Clickteez: Custom Tees made easy. Really easy. Starting at just £15.

Click here to make your own one-off T-Shirt »>